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MKF Women's Self Defence Instructor Angela Gallagher
Sifu Angie
Sifu Angie
Sifu Angie 3

Angela Gallagher

Instructor MKF Women’s Self Defence

Angela Gallagher started her self defence journey 16 years ago, has a BTEC Level 3 in advanced self defence instruction with NFPS (National Federation for Personal Safety) and has helped teach women’s self defence classes for some of the largest corporations in the U.K.

Angie is also trained in weapons, including but not limited to police and army-issue firearms. (FBI qualification shoot – 90% distinguished pass | Army officers service pistol – PASS)
Meridian Kung Fu was introduced to Angie by her husband over five years ago and she thought Wing Chun was the perfect art given that it was adapted by a woman and doesn’t require strength but technique which is perfect for her small stature.

Angie also joined our Meridian Kung Fu coaching programme over three years ago and continues to enjoy teaching children the art and will be opening her own branch soon. She is also currently training under the Meridian black belt elite programme where she continues to learn weapons such as the wooden pole, butterfly knives and street combat. Angie’s Moto, ‘If I can do it, anyone can’.